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Patients before and after weight loss surgery

Find the right Weight loss procedure

Find the right Weight loss procedure


Duodenal Switch

Has proven to be one of the most effective forms of bariatric surgery available. The revolutionary surgical procedure helps patients lose weight quickly and keep it off.


Gastric Bypass Surgery

In Full Gastric Bypass Surgery the digestive stomach is reshaped to restrict the amount of food intake of the patient and its absorption; thus reducing the amount of fat and calorie ingestion.


Gastric Sleeve Plication

The surgery, performed laparoscopically, is very similar to gastric sleeve surgery in the restriction of the stomach. Gastric plication is a less invasive weight loss procedure than gastric sleeve – there is no cutting, stapling or bypassing the intestines.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

In this procedure, a thin, vertical sleeve of the stomach (approximately eight inches long) is created using a stapling device and the rest of the stomach is removed.


Lap Band Surgery

Minimally invasive laparoscopic medical method to assist with the fight of chronic obesity.


Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

This bypasses the most highly absorptive section of the intestine. There are no large incisions needed and this procedure is performed laparoscopically, lowering the risk or large surgical scars or hernias post op.


Revision Or Conversion Surgery

Patients look to revision surgery when a problem occurs that can be related directly to the first bariatric procedure.

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