Dentists and Dental Care in Mexico at High Quality and Low Cost


Mexico has become the preferred medical tourism destination for affordable dental care. Every year, more and more people are undergoing dental treatment in Mexico. Over the last few years, Mexico has gained its rightful place as the most preferred destination for dental treatment. This beautiful land offers a perfect medical tourism opportunity for affordable dental treatment in Cancun and Tijuana.

At International Patient Facilitators (IPF), we provide high-quality dental treatment in Mexico at prices far less than that in the US or Canada without compromising on the unparalleled service and support. Our prime goal is your comfort and high-quality service

We maintain a modern and technologically sophisticated dental office, providing our patients with the best dental care experience one can find. The goal of this practice is not just cleaning your teeth, taking x.rays and sending you home – we want to get to know you. Our goal is to provide a patient care in a gentle and pleasant manner. We make every effort to calm the fears many of you have about going to the dentist. Your comfort is our number one concern. We give complete information on our dental health options and want you to know that the quality dentistry we provide is an investment in your health, appearance and overall well being.

  • Do you want to undergo cosmetic dental surgery for enhancing your looks?
  • Do you want to correct the alignment of your teeth?
  • Do you want to correct a congenital dental defect?
  • Do you need to cover up dental loss caused by accidents?

We offer world class dental treatment in Mexico. We cater to every dental process that you may need for cosmetic reason or improving oral functions. Our expert dentists can efficiently undertake dental procedures of any kind, including:

We use the most modern equipment and the most advanced methods to ensure you that your dental treatments are simple and safe and effective.


Missing teeth in the mouth creates embarrassment along with inciting numerous problems. It badly affects your ability to chew various food items and can cause speech problems. However, it’s worse effect comes into play when you smile.


Dental veneers are thin-layered chips made from porcelain or poly ceramic material that gives natural look to the teeth. They are placed and glued to the teeth surface to correct and enhance the look of the teeth.


Dentures (prosthesis) are a set of false teeth, which are used to replace the missing teeth in the mouth. A person may lose their teeth due to a variety of reasons ranging from periodontal disease to an accidental trauma. Not having teeth alters the quality of life.


Crown is a kind of dental implant that is used to rebuild a broken tooth. It is also used to restore a tooth weakened by decay or a large filling. The crown looks like an actual tooth.


Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal treatment, is an effective way to treat an infected or decaying tooth and save it from extraction. This procedure is carried out by endodontist.


Many people are irrationally scared of this process. An extensively damaged, cracked, or broken beyond repair teeth are the ones that need to be extracted. It is not a bad idea but actually a part of overall oral care. The other reason why this option may be considered is the length of the treatment.


These implants are strong enough, that you can restart chewing the food that you had to previously skip owing to lost teeth. You will feel more confident as you will be dining and smiling like a normal person with healthy teeth.


Dental fillings are done to restore the structural damage caused to the tooth due to caries or any other reason. In some cases, the structural loss in the tooth is intentional, as it is a part of preparative procedure for dental implants.


Dental cleaning is a basic requirement of the overall oral health. Domestic dental cleaning includes brushing, flossing, and scrubbing.


Everybody loves a bright smile and wants to have good looking white teeth. Due to factors such as habit of chewing tobacco, smoking, excess consumption of dark coffee or tea, or a neglected oral hygiene, the teeth are decolorized.